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Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads

Installing new fire sprinklers or replacing the existing ones can be a serious undertaking. Before setting out to do so, there are a few things you need to inform yourself about. The most important one is to understand there are different types of fire extinguisher sprinklers. The choice of which one to select is very important and it should depend on the area it’s supposed to protect and the needs of the user. There are four primary types of fire protection sprinkler heads Columbus Oh: pendant, upright, sidewall and concealed.

Before calling in a fire sprinkler repair company to help you out, check out the overview of the following types of sprinkler heads.

Pendent sprinkler heads

This type of fire sprinkler is the most usual one around. When installed, it is positioned upside down on the ceiling, hanging from it. As it’s protruding from the ceiling, it usually requires something to cover the whole surrounding it. Its deflector is pointed downward and prepared to spray the water in a cone pattern, enabling the best coverage of any type of fire sprinkler. Since its circular pattern of water dispersion covers most ground, this kind of fire sprinkler is best used in facilities with large rooms, such as factories, hotels or offices.

Upright sprinkler heads

As their name says, these sprinklers are set up in an upright position. The water comes upwards from inside the system onto the deflector, which then sprays back downwards, producing a hemispherical pattern of discharge. Physically, they look just like pendent sprinklers, only upside down. Because of the way they are installed, they are best used in areas which are otherwise tough to access. This includes various types of ducts, beams or ceilings which don’t have a drop or drywall. They can also be found in high-class restaurants or mechanical rooms.

Sidewall sprinklers

These sprinklers are different from the previous two kinds in that they have only a half of the deflector. They are installed sideways so they protrude from a wall and their water discharge includes a crescent shape or a half circle. Their functionality makes them suited for usage in somewhat smaller rooms, hallways and other places which have sprinkler pipes only in the walls and not the ceiling. This most commonly includes hotel rooms, where they are mounted on a wall, sometimes next to a beam. Although they look different, they have the same functions as the other types.

Concealed sprinkler heads

These sprinklers are reminiscent of pendent sprinklers, only they are concealed within the ceiling and covered with a cover plate. The plate completely hides the sprinkler, but in case the temperature rises, it will fall at 20 degrees lower that the sprinkler, allowing it to activate in time. There are different types of covers in various colors. Whichever type they are, and whatever the sprinklers underneath, never paint over them.

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