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​Fire Extinguisher Refill Service Columbus Oh: How the Service Can Keep You Safe

If you are thinking of installing fire extinguishers on your own, you may not know what you are risking. Just calculate the value of all the property in the building and discover how much you stand to lose if all of it goes up in flames. Do not forget that people’s lives are also at high risk in case of a fire tragedy. However, most of the times, all that you need to prevent a fire from spreading is a fire extinguisher.

While it is true that fire extinguishers can reduce the scope of damage, it doesn’t mean that you can use any extinguisher regardless of its working condition. A good fire extinguisher should be filled full. It should have the correct amount of extinguishing agent.

When it is full, the extinguisher will be able to function properly. However, sometimes this agent can get depleted, and that is why you need fire extinguisher refill. This is an essential service that is meant to restore the content that has been used up and give your fire extinguisher a new life. Extinguisher refill is also one of the basic services that Red Truck Fire & Safety Company provides in Columbus and other Ohio areas.

Conditions that call for a fire extinguisher refill​

  • If the pressure in the extinguisher has dropped beyond a required point. With the help of a fire extinguisher gauge found on the device, you can easily tell if the pressure has dropped. If the arrow in the gauge is in the red zone, seek for refilling services.
  • Refill the device if the maintenance or inspection tag indicates that the refill should be done after a given period of time.
  • If the extinguisher has physical damage such as scratches, dents or corrosion. These damages can lead to leakage and the discharge of the extinguishing agent.
  • If the extinguisher was subjected to extreme external factors such as high temperatures, dust, high humidity and constant vibrations.

Why you should hire trusted Columbus experts to do a refill
Trying to refill the extinguishers on your own is not only an imprudent but also a dangerous move. Maybe you think that you will be able to save on the cost of the refill, but you are badly mistaken. In the long run, you risk more than a financial loss.

A refill is a highly risky process that needs to be handled with extra caution. Remember that there are lots of pressurized chemicals used in the refilling process and if they are not dealt with in a proper way, they can result in a fire outbreak. Professional fire extinguisher technicians know what to do and how to do it correctly. They also have the right tools that should be used for the job.

It is always prudent to refill your extinguisher now and not tomorrow. This is because fire accidents are quite unpredictable; you never know when one may occur. The only option you have is to be ready for anything. At Red Truck Fire & Safety Company, we are dedicated to delivering the best fire extinguisher refilling service. We have a wide array of different fire extinguisher chemicals that the residents of Columbus, OH may need for their fire extinguishers.

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