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​The Importance of Recharging Your Fire Extinguisher Columbus Ohio

Fire safety is an important aspect in business, commercial and residential buildings anywhere in Columbus. Having fire extinguishers strategically placed around the building will give you peace of mind. You will have an assurance that you will be able to handle an unexpected fire accident.

Still, an extinguisher that stays for long without being put into use will lose its charge. Its ability to put out even the smallest flame may simply be lost. In that case, it requires recharging.

How to know that the extinguisher needs to be recharged
Most people assume that since they have never used an extinguisher, it will always remain fully charged. It’s true that the extinguishing agent may still be intact but it may lack the power needed to put out the fire. One way of ascertaining if the device needs a recharge is by checking the gauge which is usually located at the top of the device. The gauge has two zones: green and red zone. If the needle in the gauge is in the green zone, your extinguisher has enough charge. However, if it is in the red zone, you should do something about the extinguisher.

Signs that an extinguisher requires recharging

  • You recently used the extinguisher: A used fire extinguisher needs to be recharged with immediate effect. If you have used it, do not keep it if it has not been recharged. The point here is that an extinguisher which has discharged some of its content, no matter how little the content, needs to be recharged. The little variance that exists between a fully charged and a partially charged extinguisher can make all the difference.
  • It was recently tested or inspected: While conducting some tests on the device, the technicians can discharge the extinguisher so as to ascertain its working condition. Once the tests and the inspections have been completed, you should seek a recharging service from relevant service providers in Columbus, OH.
  • It accidentally discharged: Someone within your organization might have accidentally discharged the fire extinguisher. If this happens, make an effort to recharge it.

What recharging involves
During the recharging process, qualified fire extinguisher technicians will first assess the state of the device to determine their pressure levels. Extinguishers that have slightly lower pressures will just be refilled. Those that have extremely low pressures will first be drained and then refilled.

Get a reliable company to recharge your fire extinguishers​
As you already know, with fire, there is no room for errors. That small move is what can make a difference between life and death. Contact a reliable company to recharge your fire extinguishers if necessary. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company offers high-quality fire extinguisher recharging service to residents and businesses in Columbus, OH. We have high-tech equipment that we use to pump the extinguishing agent into the extinguisher. With a fully-charged extinguisher, you will be able to deal with any fire without any worries.

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