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How Does a Fire Sprinkler Work?

One of the greatest possible hazards for modern homes and offices is the threat of a fire. This is why you should take all necessary steps for its prevention. Fire sprinklers are an important tool in making sure your office or home is secure from fire danger. Getting to know more about the functionality of fire sprinklers is a requirement for professionals. However, everyone can benefit from knowing more about this topic.

So, how does a fire sprinkler work?

The basic principle of preventing fire damage and putting out fires is common for all sprinklers. It is important to distinguish facts from fiction often shown in movies and TV shows. This also includes all fire sprinkler deficiencies you will want to avoid. Here’s an overview of how fire sprinklers work.

Detecting heat

Fire sprinklers are installed on ceilings or high on the walls next to them.  A fire sprinkler which has been correctly installed will serve not only for putting out fires but also preventing the spread of fires. This means that they have heat detectors, and when the room temperature reaches a certain predefined point, they turn on. This predefined temperature is usually around 135 F. The air directly above the fire heats and that is what the system detects.

Contrary to a popular misconception, a fire sprinkler cannot detect smoke and is not activated by it. If you burn a toast or light a cigarette, the sprinkler system will not start spraying water.

Containing the fire

The fire sprinkler system is such that it does not turn on the whole grid once a fire is detected. Only one or a couple of sprinklers closest to the fire source are activated. This is usually enough to completely extinguish the fire, or at least contain it until the fire department arrives to take care of it. There is no excess water damage as only the endangered area is affected.

In order for the fire sprinkler system to function properly, you should account for an Annual and a 5-year inspection.

Types of sprinklers

There are two common types of fire sprinkler systems – the wet-pipe and dry-pipe systems. The wet-pipe system contains cold, pressurized water inside of each sprinkler. When a fire breaks out and is detected, they immediately react, spraying water out of the nozzles and over the fire.

This system is great for its speed of reaction, but sometimes isn’t the ideal choice. For instance, in areas with really low temperatures, the water in the piping can freeze, rendering the sprinkler useless in case of a fire. This is when the dry-pipe system comes handy. In this case, instead of water, the pipes are filled with pressurized air. If the head of the sprinkler is activated, it first releases all the air stored inside, allowing the water to flow from a valve further down the system.

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Fire detection systems and fire sprinklers are a must for protecting your office and home. In order to avoid any problems upon installation, contact professionals in your area. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is a reliable company with a tradition in the fire, safety, and first aid industry. We are here to answer all your questions and provide faultless installation, testing, and inspection services. Call us at (844) 875-1960 today!

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