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Fire Sprinklers

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is the go-to company in Ohio for fire sprinkler repair, inspections and testing, deficiency repairs, sales & services, and more! We are fully equipped to service fire sprinklers for a wide range of applications, including residential and commercial.

Our services also cover fire sprinkler accessories and other equipment, such as sprinkler heads, signs, gauges, valves and labels. For all your fire sprinkler and fire safety needs, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company has got you covered!

Fire Sprinkler Sales Ohio

At Red Truck Fire & Safety Company, you can purchase fire sprinklers for your commercial or business property. We also boast a range of sprinkler replacement parts and accessories, including:

  • Sprinkler Heads & Head Boxes
  • Sprinkler Identification Signs & Labels
  • Sprinkler Gauges, Labels and Valves
  • Fire Sprinkler Covers (Escutcheons)
  • Cages & Wrenches
  • Fire Department Connections & Accessories
  • FDC & Standpipe Plugs, Caps and Circular Rings


You can easily select a product on our website and put it in your shopping cart. Our technicians can install the fire sprinklers, accessories or specialties, replace broken parts, and make sure that the fire equipment on your premises is in tip-top condition!

Fire Sprinkler Repair and Installation Ohio

There are a number of common fire sprinkler deficiencies. Wet-pipe systems can freeze, whereas dry-pipe systems can overheat. Rust and corrosion may also appear, compromising the piping and the entire sprinkler system.  Hire industry-leading technicians at Red Truck Fire & Safety Company to handle sprinkler inspections, repairs and deficiency corrections, anywhere in Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas!

Quarterly & Annual Sprinkler Inspection, Testing & Reports

Regular fire extinguisher inspections and testing are not only important to assure employee and visitor safety in case of a fire – they are also required by NFPA 25: Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. Regardless of the sprinkler system you have, quarterly and annual inspections and testing are a must to be in compliance with State Fire Marshal requirements. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company provides reliable inspection and testing services in residential, commercial and business buildings. We make sure your fire sprinkler system is up to code.   Our technicians will provide a faultless service and thorough reports and required documentation.

Quarterly Fire Sprinkler inspections involve:

  • inspecting the water flow alarm and supervisory alarm devices for physical damage
  • inspecting fire department connections in order to assure they are clearly visible and undamaged
  • inspecting gaskets and valves for leaks
  • inspecting pressure reducing valves and relief valves

Annual inspections comprise all the tests and inspections from the quarterly inspection, and also include:

  • sprinkler head, piping and fittings inspection
  • inspection of dry-pipe valve interior
  • conducting a main drain water flow test in order to spot any irregularities with the water supply

5-Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection Ohio

NFPA 25 also regulates the 5-year fire sprinkler inspections. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company has the technical know-how and practical experience to perform a thorough inspection. Account for the 5-year sprinkler inspection service and ensure the safety of your property, employees and customers.

The 5-year sprinkler inspection involves a comprehensive internal pipe inspection for both dry-pipe and wet-pipe systems. During the inspection, our skillful technicians will also perform the internal pipe Inspection for ‘’At-Risk’’ systems (valve, riser, cross main and branch line). Finally, we also perform a meticulous obstruction investigation, and document the findings in the report.

#1 Fire Sprinkler Sales & Services in Ohio

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is a company that has earned the trust of businesses throughout Ohio. We boast industry-relevant certification and licensing and are the preferred choice for fire sprinkler system sales, repairs, installation, inspection and testing.

This Warehouse Services the following areas:

Columbus, OH

Cincinnati, OH

Dayton, OH

Montgomery County, OH

Hamilton County, OH

Surrounding Areas

Make sure your property has got the best possible fire safety guarantee! Contact Red Truck Fire & Safety Company at (844) 875-1960 and let us know how we can help you stay safe!

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