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Commercial Fire Sprinklers – How to Choose the Right System

If you are a commercial property owner, whether it is a business or residential building, school, warehouse, nightclub or other type of property, you have to think about the required fire safety codes and regulations. They entail installing a commercial fire sprinkler system in order to prevent or mitigate any possible fire hazard.

Commercial fire sprinklers have been present for a long time, and the need for them has only increased in recent years. An office fire can cause quite a problem, and this is also true for a fire in any other commercial property.

The systems themselves aren’t infallible, however, and this is why you need to maintain them regularly, with the assistance of the best fire sprinkler service Columbus, OH can offer. Annual and 5-year Fire Sprinkler System inspections are critical.

Since there are several kinds of commercial fire sprinkler systems, choosing the right one is also important, so we present you with the types.

Wet pipe system

This type of system is the most cost-efficient and also common in commercial buildings and other properties with a large number of floors that need protecting. It uses pipes which are constantly filled with water under a high pressure and ready to discharge. When a fire occurs and the system is triggered, the release of water is quick and efficient.

Apart from a quick reaction, this system is affordable for installation and requires the least maintenance. However, due to constantly being filled with water, there is a danger of it freezing during sub-zero temperatures. The water could also leak due to a damage to piping.

Dry pipe system

Unlike the wet pipe system, the dry pipe system has pipes filled with compressed air instead of water. If triggered, the air will be released through valves, causing the pipes to be filled with water which is then sprayed over the fire.

Due to the release of air, the response of this system is slightly delayed, and it should be used only in specific areas. For instance, it would come in handy in areas prone to freezing temperatures, because the water would then not freeze. This would also prevent possible leaks from happening. However, they incur a greater installation cost and require a higher level of maintenance.

Pre-action system

It is somewhat similar to the dry pipe system, since the pipes are filled with air or nitrogen, and not water. It uses a system of two triggers to discharge water in case of fires. One should come from the automatic detection system and the other from the activation of at least a single sprinkler. In this way, accidental engaging of the system is prevented, in case of a false alarm.

The pre-action system is ideal for objects which contain valuable electronics or paper data, where it is crucial to determine whether a fire is really occurring before activation. It is more complex and more expensive than the dry pipe system.

Deluge system

The deluge system needs to receive a trigger from a fire alarm or smoke detection system before discharging water. What’s more, it does not keep water in pipes and the pipes are not pressurized. The reaction is not as fast as in a wet pipe system, but when triggered, water will be applied though every sprinkler simultaneously.

This system is ideal for when a large fire needs to be contained fast, such as in a facility with highly flammable liquids or dangerous chemicals. It requires a strong water supply.

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