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When Your Fire Sprinklers Need Replacing

Having a functional fire sprinkler system in your Columbus Ohio home is of paramount importance for safety. You never know when a fire hazard could strike, even if you take all precautions. But the best way to be certain you have done everything in your power is to regularly maintain your fire sprinkler system.

The most important aspect of keeping a fire sprinkler system well-maintained is to have it checked-up regularly. These inspections might show some common deficiencies which will be the sign you need to contact fire sprinkler repair Columbus Ohio experts. They will know how to properly fix your system so it will be ready for discharge if needed.

The age of fire sprinklers is important

The age of fire sprinklers in a system is one of the most important factors when it comes to possible malfunctions and needs for repair. There are several possible settings which influence the way to determine the age of a fire sprinkler system. One of them is when you are the first and only owner of the property, so you have the original documents. The other is if the building has changed owners or has been renovated, so you need to look for the corresponding records.

Regular sprinkler inspection

An annual inspection of fire sprinkler systems is proscribed by law, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be checked on a more regular basis. Once in every three months the system can be inspected in order to look for signs of deterioration or decay. In this way, you can become more familiar with the state it’s in and the possible fire sprinkler repair Columbus Ohio needs. Also, records of all inspections and interventions should be kept for future reference.

Testing sprinklers

Depending on the age and type of fire sprinklers in a system, testing should also be performed regularly. Fire sprinklers have a long working age, which can sometimes be almost the same as the age of the building they are in. Different types of sprinklers require first testing after different periods of time. It is 50 years for the standard response sprinkler heads and around 20 years for quick-response systems. One important aspect of testing is to simultaneously test several different sprinkler heads located apart from each other for better data.

Repair and replace sprinklers

Determining which sprinklers need repairs or replacing depends on some visible factors. When a sprinkler is dirty, it needs to be cleaned, unless the damage done is irreparable. However, if leaks and visible damage are present, the sprinkler heads need instant replacing. There is another important factor to consider and that is when sprinkler heads have been painted over. Such sprinklers are usually rendered useless and also need replacing.

Best fire sprinkler repair Columbus OH

Have you noticed your sprinkler system isn’t in top shape and might malfunction? Call Red Truck Fire & Safety Company to schedule an inspection and create a plan of regular maintenance. We also provide expert repairs to all parts of your system.


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