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Fire Extinguishers

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As a commercial property or business owner, you should know that it’s not enough simply to have portable fire extinguishers installed on your premises. There are a number of things to consider in order to ensure the safety of your employees, visitors, property and production.

Luckily, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is the go-to company for fire extinguisher installation, repairs, maintenance and other services in Ohio!

Fire Extinguisher Sales

At Red Truck Fire & Safety Company, you can get access to the world-class-quality Amerex and Badger fire extinguishers. We offer a wide range of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers by both renowned brands.

From dry and wet chemical portable extinguishers to regulated and stored pressure wheeled extinguishers, we have just what you need to guarantee fire safety!

Fire Extinguisher Layout & Installation

Proper installation of portable or wheeled fire extinguishers is the key to fire safety. Our installation technicians have the background experience and know-how to have the extinguishers installed properly.

What’s more, our technical team will inspect your premises and suggest the best fire extinguishers for your specific requirements! The choice of fire extinguishers is crucial – they should be of sufficient size and capacity to be able to accommodate the needs of your commercial or office building.

We are members of NFPA® and NAFED and we make sure your extinguishers are up to code. Our team has a proven track record of installing different brands of fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Monthly Inspection

Visual monthly inspections are mandatory under the NFPA 10: Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers as laid out by the National Fire Protection Association. In addition to the federal code, monthly inspections are required under Ohio Fire Code, Chapter 1301:7-7-09.

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company inspectors will record all inspections on the certification tag attached to the fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher tagging is also a federal and state requirement, and we are here to make sure you abide by all the requirements, keeping your business legitimate and accountable!

Fire Extinguisher Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance is both a federal and state requirement. To make sure you comply with the requirement, you should hire a licensed fire extinguisher inspection professional such as Red Truck Fire & Safety Company.

Our technicians will perform the inspection and document it on the fire extinguisher’s tag.

Fire Extinguisher Hydrotesting

As an employer, you are obligated by the state law to hire a trained professional with the appropriate testing equipment to perform the hydrotesting. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is fully equipped to perform the required 5 and 12-year hydrostatic testing.

Fire Extinguisher Recharging Service

You probably didn’t know that you need to recharge the fire extinguisher every time it was used. Don’t compromise the safety of your premises, production or any people working or visiting by neglecting this requirement!

Call in a licensed fire extinguisher recharge professional and we’ll be there to recharge and inspect the fire extinguisher, promptly and efficiently!

#1 Fire Extinguisher Service in Ohio

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is a reliable fire safety company boasting industry-relevant licenses and certifications. Our technical team can perform a variety of services, including the inspection, repair and maintenance of extinguisher covers, cabinets, stands, dolly carts, brackets and hangers.


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We inspect your premises and recommend the most suitable brand and model of fire extinguisher.

We perform monthly and annual inspections and maintenance checks to keep your premises safe!

We perform top-notch hydrotest services and keep your business accountable by documenting all the specifics of our service.

We are your trusted Ohio fire safety company. CALL at (844) 875-1960 TODAY and schedule a faultless fire extinguisher service!

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