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​Why Your Fire Extinguishers Needs Testing in Columbus Ohio

When a fire breaks out, a fire extinguisher is instrumental. Now that you have purchased a fire extinguisher, how sure are you that it will function as expected in the time of need? Do you know that, if neglected or unused for a period of time, a fire extinguisher may not perform the way you need it to because of an undetected fault?

It is for this reason that you require fire extinguisher testing service either at your home or business premises. The test is done to ensure that the extinguisher is in perfect working condition.

When should the test be done?
Going by the set regulations which guide fire inspection and testing in Columbus, OH, the inspection should be done at an interval of 12 months. Fire extinguisher testing is not something you can do on your own. You should hire experts to ensure the job is done properly.

Regarding fire safety equipment in Columbus, the Ohio Fire Code has a set of strict regulations, clearly stating that it is against the law to tamper of remove any parts ‘’except for the purpose of extinguishing fire, training purposes, recharging or making necessary repairs, or when approved by the fire code official’’.

Fire safety technicians are well aware of the procedures and the obligatory documentation of all inspections, testing and repairs done on the fire extinguishers, which is why you should always turn to professionals.

Test for the right pressure
The effectiveness of a fire extinguisher depends on the pressure it contains. The pressure plays the vital role of ejecting the contents of the extinguisher. If the extinguishing agent is sprayed at the correct pressure, the fire will be put out. Fire extinguisher testing involves testing the pressure in the container. Technicians and fire marshals have sufficient knowledge and experience to draw upon when testing if the pressure in the device meets the requirements. Their work is also more efficient because of the high-end electrical tools used during the testing process.

Regular extinguisher testing gives you peace of mind
Having the fire extinguishers on your premises tested regularly makes you accountable and shows your sense of responsibility towards your employees and property. More importantly, you make sure that any fire emergency will be handled efficiently. At the end of the day, you will have peace of mind knowing that you did what was in your power to ensure maximum fire safety.

Professional extinguisher testing near you​
One of the services that Red Truck Fire & Safety Company offers to residents and businesses in Columbus, Ohio is fire extinguisher testing. During the tests, we ensure that all the extinguishers are properly tagged so that you will be able to know which extinguisher to use on the type of fire that has occurred. We also keep full records of the testing process which can be used as sources of reference for future tests, keeping our work and yours accountable.

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