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​Fire Extinguisher Repair Service Columbus Oh: Restoring Faulty Fire Extinguishers

Repair and maintenance are two essential fire extinguisher services. Fire extinguishers can get damaged even if they have not been used for a long time. Some damages can be seen while others could be difficult to detect with a naked eye. That is why it is always prudent to seek the services of experts who can accurately identify the problem and recommend a working solution.

Repair and replacement services can save you from experiencing large-scale damages in case of a fire. Don’t wait till it is too late; seek the best repair services from a reputable fire extinguisher company in Columbus, OH. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is the ultimate solution to your problem.

Mechanical problem
How do you know that your fire extinguisher needs repair and replacement? Some signs are quite visible and may not require an expert to detect them. One sign that your fire extinguisher needs repair or replacement is if it starts behaving abnormally. If the extinguisher was working correctly but now it has stopped or is not delivering as expected, don’t waste any more time. Call for expert help because the problem could be beyond your capabilities.

Visible signs of a faulty extinguisher
In addition to problems relating to the operation of an extinguisher, you can identify a faulty fire extinguisher just by looking at or touching it. You should be wary of a dented or pitted fire extinguisher. Rusts and cracks are other physical conditions that can affect the proper functioning of fire extinguishers.

Additionally, the hose and the discharge valve should also be checked for clogs or blockages. A broken hose can change the way the content of the extinguisher will jet out. If you are having troubles with handling a fire extinguisher, it may be caused by a loose handle and you should seek repair services.

Also, if the extinguisher feels lighter than normal, all may not be well with it.

When to do repair
There is no definite time to get your fire extinguishers repaired or replaced. The common-sense rule of thumb is that you should have it done immediately after you detect a problem. Since you never know when you will be faced with a fire problem, do not postpone doing the repairs.

Doing regular inspections can also help you to identify the problems that your fire extinguishers might be having. If you don’t trust the quality of your review, you can always use the services of professional fire extinguisher inspectors.

Choose the best company for repair services near me
As a well-established fire safety company in Columbus, OH, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is fully dedicated to protecting you from the damages that can be caused by fire. Our repair package covers all the damages that might have occurred on the equipment. We have a team of qualified and experienced technicians who can handle all types of repair regardless of the extent of the damage. We handle the tasks at hand with a high level of professionalism. Most importantly, we thoroughly inspect the fire extinguishers before embarking on the actual repair process, and keep record of all the action performed to keep our work and your business accountable.

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