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​Fire Extinguisher Inspection COLUMBUS Ohio: Ensuring Your Extinguishers Are Up to Code

Many businesses and organizations in Columbus, OH tend to give fire safety little attention. Little do they know that a major fire incidence can wreak havoc to entire businesses. Most of the top managers assume that buying fire extinguishers and fire alarms is all that they need to do be on the safe side. While buying this safety equipment is a smart move, you need to do more than that. One of the things that you should never ignore is fire extinguisher inspection.

Under normal circumstances, fire extinguishers will stay idle without anyone thinking about them or putting them into use. Still, did you know that a fire extinguisher might be dangerous if ignored? You may be thinking that you are fully equipped in case of a fire accident yet the extinguisher might have stopped working at some point. With regular extinguisher inspection, you will be sure that everything is in perfect condition.

The cost of regular extinguisher inspections is nothing compared to the damages your premises might suffer if the extinguishers aren’t working properly. Inspect fire extinguishers on your Columbus premises to make sure they don’t fail you when you actually need them.

The state of the extinguisher will be analyzed
During the inspection, the fire extinguisher is thoroughly analyzed to assess its state. The inspectors will check whether there are any defects on the equipment. One of the things checked during the inspection is the presence of leakages. If a problem is detected, the inspectors will recommend the most appropriate action.

Most of the fire extinguishers contain chemicals which have an expiration date. The effectiveness of these chemicals wanes after the set time. Fire extinguisher inspectors will check the date and tell you if an immediate replacement is required.

Regulation compliance check
There are rules and regulations regarding fire extinguisher inspection companies and compliance in Columbus, OH. Due to various factors, an organization may find it difficult to stay within this regulation. Rather than waiting to have legal battles with the regulatory bodies, why not schedule an extinguisher inspection with a professional fire safety company? They are experts in this field meaning that they are familiar with all the rules that an organization needs to meet with regards to fires.

Trained and experienced inspectors
Another reason why you should hire fire extinguisher inspectors is their ability to handle any problem. In addition to their rich knowledge and experience, they also have sophisticated tools. These high-tech devices help to perform an extensive analysis of the fire extinguishers and detect all defects that human eyes might miss.

Inspection tags
In compliance with the Ohio Fire Code, all performed inspections should be recorded on inspection tags attached to each extinguisher. It’s advisable to hire Columbus professionals specially trained in handling fire extinguishers and extinguisher inspections. They are well aware of the rules and requirements for recording the specifics of each and every inspection performed.
Extra training
At Red Truck Fire & Safety Company, we do more than just providing inspection. If time allows, we can give the employees of your organization the basic training on fire extinguishers. We offer tips on how to handle the equipment with ease and how to move around with it. With extra training, you can have peace of mind knowing you did everything you could to ensure safety on your premises in case of a fire.

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