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Keeping Your Premises Safe with Certified Fire Extinguishers in columbus Oh

A fire extinguisher is just one of the things that you would never wish to use, whether it is at your home or business premises. The main reason why you hate the idea of using the device is that you don’t want to think about the damage that can be caused by a fire. Regardless of how much you would like to stay positive, you should always be alert by having the best fire extinguisher at the ready.

A good fire extinguisher is the one that has been certified by relevant authorities. There are many risks involved with using a substandard fire extinguisher. For everyone wondering ‘’Where can I get reliable extinguisher certification near me?’’ – read on.

All the issues regarding fire extinguisher certifications in Columbus, Ohio are handled by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). To certify a fire extinguisher, you have to comply with all the essential requirements of NFPA 10 standard for portable firefighting equipment. These requirements include the selection, installation, maintenance, inspection and testing of fire extinguishers.

Here is a breakdown of the areas that are covered by fire extinguisher certification.

Selection of the extinguisher
Under this requirement, both the supervisors and the managers in an organization should designate one person who will be responsible for the purchase of fire extinguishers. This person is also in charge of assessing the need for fire extinguishers and will deal with the replacement issues. Some of the aspects that should be considered when selecting the fire extinguishers include:

  • The size of the area to be covered, as this will determine the number of extinguishers necessary.
  • Type of potential damage that can be caused by the fire in a particular area.
  • The weight of the extinguishers. Heavy extinguishers may be necessary for some areas but sometimes it could be difficult to handle them.

Location of the extinguisher
According to NFPA 10, fire extinguishers need to be accessible. A person should be able to reach the extinguishers at all times. Place them along the corridors, paths and exit areas. In addition to accessibility, the extinguishers need to be visible so that even the visitors can use them in case of an emergency.

Installation and testing
In accordance with NFPA 10 codes, fire extinguishers should be installed in safe places with appropriate tags. The specialists in charge of the installation should then test the working conditions of the extinguishers and record the activity performed on the designated tag.

Inspection and monitoring
Under NFPA 10 codes, fire extinguishers have to undergo regular inspection so that optimal working conditions can be guaranteed. The inspection should first be done on the day of the installation, then after 30 days, and regular maintenance should be scheduled.

Fire extinguisher certification also covers the areas of development and manufacturing of the products. The manufacturers of these products have to stay within these codes to produce the best products that will meet the needs of the consumers. At Red Truck Fire & Safety Company, we recognize how important it is to certify fire extinguishers before using them. We comply with all the rules and regulations regarding the certification when providing our services in Columbus, OH.

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