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Amerex Fire Extinguishers: The Ultimate Protection against Fire

As you already know, prevention is better than cure. Rather than waiting for a fire incidence to happen, you need to invest in the right preventive measures. One of the best safety measures that you can take is purchase high-quality fire extinguishers. You are probably wondering about the best fire extinguisher brands in the market and where you can get them in Columbus, Ohio. Of all the brands, few deliver better results than Amerex fire extinguishers.

Amerex Corporation is known worldwide for manufacturing high-end fire extinguishers. Their products work well under any conditions regardless of the magnitude of the fire. The company manufactures a wide range of fire extinguishers, meaning that all you need is to crosscheck the requirements of your premises before making the purchase.

Portable fire extinguishers
With fire, you never know what to expect. A fire can render some parts of the building inaccessible. However, with the right equipment, you will still be able to access these parts. Amerex has a range of portable fire extinguishers which can be easily moved around. They can reach the highest points of the building, and you can move them around without feeling the strain from their weight.

Dry chemicals
There are different types of fire, and each type needs to be handled in a special way. Amerex has ABC rated dry chemical fire extinguishers that can deal with different types of fire ranging from electrical fire, paper fire to fires caused by flammable chemicals such as petrol. The highly rated dry chemicals from Amerex put out fire by blocking the supply of oxygen. They are packaged in portable units, although you can choose the wheeled units.

The good news is that dry chemicals from Amerex don’t have any negative health effects. You can use them without worrying about your well-being.

CO2 Pressure Extinguishers
CO2 pressure extinguishers from Amerex work in a similar way as the dry chemicals. They are also capable of extinguishing fires that have been caused by flammable chemicals. The extinguisher works by engulfing the fire with a thick cloud of carbon dioxide. The gas is odorless and does not have any health repercussions.

Extinguishers for vehicles
Vehicles are also at high risk of catching fire. Amerex can rescue you from the mess of vehicle fire with its line of innovative fire extinguishers that have been designed to meet the needs of the motorists. These can be carried in any model of the vehicle, whether it is a bus, a saloon car or truck. Extinguishing fire on your vehicle will not only save you from incurring heavy losses but also reduce the insurance cost.

All Amerex fire extinguishers have been designed to save human lives and property. Heavy losses can be minimized by using these highly efficient fire extinguishers. Finding the best deals for Amerex fire extinguishers doesn’t have to be complex. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is providing the residents of Columbus, OH with the best fire extinguishers from Amerex.

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